Exclusive access to the Evergreen Dental Billing Method

Your staff will be given access to an online training portal containing a complete walkthrough of the Evergreen Dental Billing Method and downloadable templates. This ensures that the insurance is being collected and verified in the most efficient and accurate way by your staff, so that we can successfully increase your revenue.

When changes happen within the dental industry that effect insurance, such a CDT code updates, new training videos will be uploaded to keep your staff in the know.

Claim Review and Submission

Our experts handle your claim from start to finish. From reviewing the procedures, to attaching the necessary documentation, to reviewing the claims submission reports to monitor any rejections, we handle all aspects of claims submission.

Your claims are sent from your existing practice management system, so no additional software is necessary.

Insurance Payment Posting

Our experts will post insurance payments and adjustments directly to the patient's account in your existing practice management software system. We follow all guidelines that your office sets (ex: posting to particular providers, using adjustment codes you prefer, writing off amounts consistently, etc.).

We will also retreive and post your EFT payments.

Outstanding Claims Follow Up

Our experts will handle your oustanding claims over 30 days. This includes accessing the reports, researching the claim payment delay, and resolving the issue for payment. We are confident in writing effective narratives, but will ask the doctor to write a formal appeal if needed.

You will be updated each month on the beginning and ending balances of your oustanding claims via your monthly reports.

Sending Patient Statements

If a patient has a remaining balance after insurance, we will send a statement the day that the payment is posted. Avoid the delay of your staff making time to review statements and collect your money faster. With our team taking on the time consuming task of reviewing and sending statements, your staff can focus on the patients' financial questions and collecting the balances.

Staff and Office Consulting

Your monthly fee will include up to 1 hour per month of consulting via phone. As your office's insurance expert, we will keep you apprised of the health of the practice on these optional calls. Your staff can utilize this time to ask any questions regarding the Evergreen Dental Billing system and we will provide further insight and training where needed.

Work with Evergreen Dental Billing

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