Why should I choose to work with a remote insurance billing specialist?

The number one reason to choose a remote insurance billing specialist for your practice is that your staff's focus in the office should be on the patients. The front office is in charge of making your patients feel welcome and confident from the time they walk in, to when they accept treatment. You need your team giving VIP treatment to your patients, and they can't do that when they are juggling a phone call with insurance, posting insurance payments, and have their mind on the ever growing list of outstanding claims and overdue patient balances.

Outsourcing allows your insurance to be handled by an expert who does not require your staff's time to train, who has no distractions from patients and phone calls, and keeps your staff focused on the patients.

A practice cannot grow sustainably with an overburdened staff.


What if my office doesn't have the infrastructure to support remote employees?

There is no need to have any existing infrastructure to handle remote employees. Our dedicated IT support will work with your office to give us access to your practice. Your remote insurance specialist will access your practice's system using a HIPAA secure program called Splashtop. Aside from coordination with Jenni and the IT support, there is no additional work needed from your office to give us access and little to no additional cost.


How does remote dental billing work?

Evergreen Dental Billing's staff works seamlessly with your office's existing software. Our computer experts will set up a HIPAA secure portal for us to access a computer on your existing server. We send claims, post payments and adjustments, and follow up on outstanding claims using your existing practice management system.

You are given daily reports on work completed and the status of your outstanding claims to ensure that we are meeting your expectations.


Do the checks have to be mailed to Evergreen Dental Billing?

All payments and insurance company correspondence will still come to your office. Checks will be deposited by you/your staff and we will never handle the checks directly. Your staff will be opening the mail and sending a scan of the insurance EOBs and checks to Evergreen via secure e-mail.

We also will access and post your EFT payments.

The separation of duties also safe guards your office from employee embezzlement, which is still incredibly common.


How often do you enter insurance payments?

Daily. Payments are posted the business day after the EOB and check scan is received. We will post on a computer that your staff does not access, so it will not interfere with your staff's work day.


How are insurance denials handled?

We will work to understand your office's current protocols. If a patient contact is necessary, we will gladly handle that.


Why does Evergreen not handle insurance verifications?

Your team is given access to our exclusive Evergreen Dental Billing system which trains them to verify insurance in an efficient and effective way. The front office staff are the ones with the direct contact with the patient when they schedule, when they come in for their visit, and when they are checking out. The EDB system gives your team a system to follow with each patient that will not require more time from them.


How secure is my practice's patient data with Evergreen Dental Billing?

Your practice's patient data is crucial to their health and well-being, so we take data security and privacy seriously. Our remote billing service is HIPAA compliant, and we utilize the latest encryption and security measures to ensure that your patients' data remains safe and protected at all times.


What Practice Management Softwares is Evergreen familiar with?

Our experts have experience working with the following programs:

Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Daisy, CareStack, Curve, Open Dental, and Practice Works.

We are willing to learn a new PMS prior to working with your practice.


Do I have to agree to work with Evergreen Dental Billing for a period of time?

The services are month to month. A 30 day notice to terminate services is required, but you are not required to work with us for any period of time. This allows you flexbility and allows us to showcase our exceptional service that we are certain you will not want to run your practice without.


How can I get started with a remote dental billing service?

Getting started with our remote dental billing service is easy. Simply head to the pricing page to choose your plan or contact us below to get started.

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